Acura Safety


Safety commitment

Continually Advancing Safety
Over the past two decades, Acura has been quietly developing advanced safety technologies that enhance driving control, stability and provide improved impact protection, as well as technologies that assist the driver in operating the vehicle more safely. These various technologies are incorporated throughout the vehicle, from the frame, steering, brakes, and control systems, to the design of the seats.

It all starts with a fervent dedication to cutting-edge research and design with labs devoted to pioneering safety innovations. One such achievement is Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™), which builds frontal crash protection into the structure of every current Acura model.

In addition to impact protection, a vast array of safety features come standard with every Acura, like dual-stage, multiple threshold front air bags, anti-lock brakes with Brake Assist, and Vehicle Stability Assist™. Acura vehicles also have several features addressing child safety, from sophisticated airbag sensors and anchors that secure child seats to auto-reverse protection for the moonroof and on windows with the auto-up/down feature. Acura was also one of the first luxury car manufacturer to list government safety ratings on the factory window sticker, displaying our dedication to safety from the very start. We see the development of every new model as an opportunity to provide you with advanced safety technologies, helping to make driving safer for everyone. By giving safety a high priority, Acura aims to keep you safe and secure in an unpredictable world.


Our philosophy is simple-provide safety for everyone. 
Not only do we meet government standards, we go 
above and beyond to focus on passengers, pedestrians 
and all who share the road.


Roads can put you on the defensive. Features associated with AcuraWatch
can help improve the driver's situational awareness and, in certain 
circumstances, intervene to help avoid a situation or lessen its severity.

Available in the ILX and every Acura sedan and crossover model.



In wet conditions, Vehicle Stability Assist can reduce the dangers 
of over and under steering and loss of traction, reducing torque 
and applying brakes to each wheel as needed.

Available in the RDX and every Acura sedan and crossover model.



The first line of defense in collision safety is in the structure 
of the car itself. Our Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE
body construction helps reduce and disperse forces 
in front crashes with virtually all car sizes.

Available in the TLX and every Acura sedan and crossover model.



Distractions happen, so the Collision Mitigation Braking 
System can alert you to obstacles detected ahead. It's 
programmed to provide visual alerts with ample warning 
time-but if you don't react, it can brake for you.
Available in the RLX and every Acura sedan and crossover model.

Depending on the circumstances, CMBS may not go through all the alert stages before initiating the last stage (of collision mitigation). CMBS cannot detect all objects ahead and may not detect a given object; accuracy will vary based on weather, speed and other factors. System operation affected by high interior heat. Driver remains responsible for safely operating vehicle and avoiding collisions.

Kids will be kids. We help you keep them safe with 
sophisticated features like windows, moonroofs and 
power tailgates that automatically reverse if they sense 
that little fingers might be in the way.

Available in the MDX and every Acura sedan and crossover model.